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Large Projections

If you're looking for a retractable awning for your large space, you may realize you'll need a commercial-grade, heavy-duty system that can handle a large projection (or extension) to cover the space. Enter the Total Eclipse, an awning that will bring the shade upon your command.

Heavy-Duty Performance

Retractable awnings add convenience and use to your outdoor space, but there are certain dimensions that can be difficult to achieve. The Total Eclipse can handle up to 16’6″ projections. The construction uses a 50mm steel torsion — 25% larger than other systems — to go the distance.

The awning is secured with larger brackets, which add strength. The frame has larger extruded and cast parts including the arms, front bar and the elbows of the frame. Eclipse also created Advanced Belt Technology (ABT) with eleven larger cables to create a larger belt in the motor.

Whether this is for a commercial space or a residence, you can be assured that the Total Eclipse will provide you with many seasons shaded from the sun.