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Eclipse LED Light Package

Dimmable LED Light Package | Retractable Shades Accessories

Stay under your Eclipse retractable awning well into the evening hours with the optional LED Light Package. The warm glow lighting attracts less bugs while providing just enough light to create the ambiance of a European café.

Retractable Patio Awning Lights

Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean the party has to stop. An awning light package from Eclipse Shading Systems allows guests and customers to keep their gathering going in the warm nighttime air. We offer two outdoor lighting options that work with most Eclipse awnings and retractable roofs. The compact LED Lighting system attaches to the front bar and provides mood lights that maintain the evening ambiance. Securing a 60-watt dimmable LED Lighting kit to the awning arms will provide 12 possible levels of brightness for a custom experience.

With a retractable awning lighting system, a gathering area that resembled a summer beachside during the day transforms to a European café vibe underneath the moon. The soft illumination contributes to a relaxing atmosphere and doesn’t attract as many bugs as other lights. Our safe and effective low-voltage lighting comes with a remote control so you can turn them on without getting up. Order dealer-installed Eclipse lunar awning lights with your new awning or get them added to a current canopy. If you want to learn more about awning accessories, visit the Life under the Awning blog or leave us a message on LiveChat.

The dimmable LED Lighting Kit which attaches to the unit’s arms. This dealer-installed option provides 12 levels of brightness and up to 60 watts of lighting power.

Both lighting options will not overpower you with brightness or attract insects, rather it will complete your outdoor relaxing mood. Your Eclipse shading expert can either order your awning with a lighting system from the factory or it can retrofit it to your existing unit. Our lighting systems are typically ordered with an enhanced remote control – the same one that operates the awning, just on a different channel. Eclipse lighting systems will allow you to maximize the usage of your Eclipse Shading and will convert your daytime shading system into a European evening café.

Eclipse LED Light Package Features

  • Safe, low voltage systems.
  • Securely attaches to the back side of awning’s front bar or to the arms, depending on system selected.
  • Can be ordered with a new Eclipse Awning or installed on an existing unit.
  • Safe, effective and will not attract insects.