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How An Awning Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Making your business stand out more than the rests is a goal for many, yet it can be a difficult one. Whether it be a restaurant, shop or some form of service provider, being noticed by people passing or recognized by people passing by can benefit you greatly. Of course there are numerous ways of obtaining attention from by passers, but making an addition to the exterior of your business that looks professional and appealing is key. Having existed for centuries, awnings have provided a significant form of advertisement and high level of appeal to businesses throughout the world. With […]

Do Retractable Awnings Increase Home Value?

Before deciding on whether or not to install a new retractable awning, most homeowners will ask themselves if this new fixture will increase the value of their home. The answer is yes! A retractable awning not only easily installs against your home to more space inside, but it also provides an easily accessible shaded outdoor living space in which you can relax. Installing a new retractable awning will automatically increase the value of your home since it will create additional space that did not previously exist. Most modern American families manage living with very minimal space but an awning can […]

Enjoy Greater Relaxation and Savings with a Retractable Awning

If you’re considering adding an awning to your deck or patio, a retractable model might be the most beneficial for you. There are many different types of awnings we provide at Eclipse Shading Systems – and retractable designs offer the full package. You’ll enjoy protection from the elements, durability, numerous accessories, ease-of-use, and lower energy costs. Retractable models have all of the features you’d expect from an awning, and much more. We can exceed your needs with a customized awning that’s both high quality and affordable. The Outdoors on Your Terms One of the greatest benefits of owning a retractable […]