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Eclipse Prestige Retractable Awning Benefits

Are you looking for a modern, elegant way to provide shade from the hot sun and UV rays? Enjoy sunny days on your patio or deck with the Eclipse Prestige Retractable Awning.   It is a full cassette shading system that can be mounted on most surfaces and goes well with any home’s architecture. Its strength and durability sets it apart from other retractable awning systems. Even if your region is prone to high winds, the Prestige will stand up to the test. It has a Class III wind rating, which is the highest internationally recognized level.   No matter […]

Ways to Cut Energy Costs

You just spent hundreds of dollars on Holiday gifts. Now you need to save up for other occasions and home improvement projects, but how? By saving money on your utility bill! Here are some tips on ways to cut your home energy costs. Install Awnings– An awning not only adds beauty to your home’s exterior, but it can also reduce the indoor temperature. It can help cut down cooling costs because it will prevent the heat from entering and the cooling energy from leaving, thus helping your air conditioning system work a little better. Install Interior Shades– Having an interior shade in your home […]

The Story Behind Awnings

Awnings are a type of cover which is generally made of fabric is used as shade and shelter from scorching heat in the summer and huge downpour of rains during the rainy season. It extends over an area and does its magic; you can see them often on windows, decks, and doors. Nowadays you might have noticed eye catching awnings in various business outlets featuring the company’s logo and color, but they go way back. History records itself with Syria and ancient Egypt as places where same kind of shades was used. Awnings used to be developed for everything back […]

Tips for Keeping Your Awning in Great Shape

Awnings are relatively easy to care for and clean. They will do just fine if left alone, but there are a few things you can do to keep them looking like new. Here are four tips on awning care to keep your outdoor awning looking delightful year after year. Brushing A weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush will go a long way toward keeping your awning clean. Any soft bristle brush with an extendable handle will work, and an RV awning brush is ideal for this task. No need to brush hard—just brush the entire awning to get rid of […]

Most Common Problems with Awnings

Let Eclipse Shading Systems help you prepare to protect your investment into a new retractable awning. As a homeowner, you are well aware of household maintenance and the importance of staying on top of it. From simple chores, such as mowing the lawn or sweeping a walk, to more complicated projects such as cleaning gutters or inspecting HVAC systems, a little maintenance goes a long way toward saving you money. Our patio awnings are no different. While they are made with premium materials for long life and durability, taking care of them will help extend their life even more. Awnings […]

Prepping Your Awning for Fall & Winter

With years of expertise in the awning industry, Eclipse Awnings has some fall and winter storage tips for awning owners. Window awnings can lower your overall cooling costs, according to the US Department of Energy. This heat reduction can save you massive amounts of money in energy bills all summer long. However, when you need that extra sun in the winter, tuck your awnings away. Before you tuck them away for the winter months, though, don’t forget to winterize them. Winterized awning fabric is well taken care of and will be more than ready to snap into action come spring. […]