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Ways to Cut Energy Costs

You just spent hundreds of dollars on Holiday gifts. Now you need to save up for other occasions and home improvement projects, but how? By saving money on your utility bill! Here are some tips on ways to cut your home energy costs. Install Awnings– An awning not only adds beauty to your home’s exterior, but it can also reduce the indoor temperature. It can help cut down cooling costs because it will prevent the heat from entering and the cooling energy from leaving, thus helping your air conditioning system work a little better. Install Interior Shades– Having an interior shade in your home […]

5 Benefits of Interior Shading for Your Home

Curtains and blinds are becoming a thing of the past. They can be a hassle, having to clean dust off blinds and old, musty odors coming from curtains. Perhaps, you are considering of getting rid of your home’s curtains and blinds. Installing interior shades can be a great option for many reasons. Interior shades and shading give homeowners control of the interior of their home. They also increase comfort of the home. Here are the top five benefits of having interior shades in your home. Protection from UV rays – Interior shades stop up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays […]

Save Energy (and Money) with Solar Shades

One of the biggest expenses any homeowner faces on a daily basis is energy use, regardless of the season.  A home’s energy consumption adds up quickly, leaving many homeowners wondering how they lower their monthly bills.   Solar shades are a great, “green” addition to your home and windows to help reduce energy loss through windows and doors. But, just how energy efficient are solar shades? The answer? Completely. Solar shades require no energy or electricity to fully function and start protecting you and your family by filtering out harmful UV rays from entering your home while insulating your living […]

Let Retractable Screens Improve Your Life

Retractable screens are a fantastic addition to any home. With different options and colours, they blend into the home exterior and can easily be opened and closed to match your need for shade and privacy. Our screens are durable and reliable, and they have multiple benefits as window coverings or for your outdoor living space. These screens are very different than what our customers may have experienced in the past with blinds and permanently installed screened in porches. There is no comparison and, when you consider all the advantages, you will see why. Blocks the Sun Not the View If […]

Sun Shades for Decks Help You Reclaim Your Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the comfort, elegance, and privacy that our sun shades for decks provide without the commitment to a bulky permanent fixture, hassle with hardware, and subpar design and quality. A deck, patio or any outdoor space, can quickly become underutilized when the weather conditions are not ideal. It may be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Either way, trying to spend time outside can lead to discomfort and eventually relocating indoors. Adding shade to your outdoor spaces will increase their use and enhance your home’s overall appearance – and this can be done with the […]

Stay Comfortable with Roll Up Window Shades

There are many benefits to having a house with a lot of large windows. It creates open spaces, ensures that your home is full of natural light and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of your community or natural surroundings. On the flip side, you may feel a loss of privacy; see increased cooling and heating costs, and constant glare throughout your home. Fortunately, Eclipse Shading Systems provides roll up window shades that are the solution to these issues while allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of your windows. Seeing Clearly What is the point of having large, […]