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Retractable Awnings Help You Enjoy the Outside in Any Weather

April showers bring May flowers and sadly, strong rains can ruin your patio furniture, interrupt a barbecue and force you to quickly move your party indoors. Retractable awnings are a great way to take the edge off the weather. Retractable awnings make sure your patio stays dry in the rain and keeps you in the shade during the summer. Even more importantly, retractable awnings can dramatically increase your patio outdoor living space. They even help reduce energy costs by blocking the sun from getting to your windows. And, if it’s too windy, motorized retractable awnings have sensors that tell them to retract to make sure […]

Awnings Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

For many of us, our back deck becomes the most popular outdoor living space in our homes during the summertime. To make those backyard barbecues and lazy summer afternoons even more enjoyable there is one addition that will make your patio the ultimate summer space: a retractable awning.  Most retractable awnings can be installed on any wall surface, including wood, brick, stucco, aluminum and vinyl siding. Best of all, adding an awning to your deck or patio makes the space more usable and therefore can add value for resale. Either way, be sure to consult an expert before starting an awning project. Here we’ll […]

5 Things to Ask Before You Buy a Retractable Awning

Eclipse Shading Systems has answers to the most common questions about retractable awnings for your property. Since 2002, we’ve helped myriad customers enhance their properties by creating new outdoor living spaces. A high-quality patio awning helped turn space in their back yard into their family’s new favorite room. In the process, they’ve had a lot of different types of questions. Our awning experts have answered every one of them, because we believe informed customers will be happy customers. So you’re in the market for a retractable awning? That’s a wise choice! But it’s a big purchase. You’re a smart buyer […]

Our Retractable Awning Systems

Retractable awning systems are secondary, extended, or overhanging coverings that are normally attached to the exterior wall of a house. Most people use retractable awning systems to shade their home or patio to add a covered and sheltered outdoor living area. Eclipse Shading Sytems is a premier manufacturer of retractable awning systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our various Eclipse Retractable Awning Systems models include: The Eclipse This is the model purchased by most people for their homes and can either be set up as a retractable awning system or simply extended. Eclipse awnings are usually installed by mounting them on a wall […]

The Eclipse Awning Difference is in the Advanced Belt Technology

Eclipse Shading Systems® uses Advanced Belt Technology® (ABT) to give our retractable awnings the power and longevity that old-fashioned pulleys, cables, and chains cannot provide. We feature the Advanced Belt Technology system in our Eclipse, Total Eclipse, Eclipse SC, and the Eclipse Butterfly retractable awnings. Other tension transmission systems cannot compare with the performance of Advanced Belt Technology. Designed especially for the retractable awnings industry, the revolutionary breakthrough of Advanced Belt Technology used in Eclipse awnings is the result of nine high carbon steel cables enclosed in a poly carbon UV resistant (PVC) covering. This flat flexible belt improves the […]