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Benefits Of Having Solar Shades Installed Before Summer

The cooling temperatures of winter and spring tend to make us forget about those uncomfortably hot days we experience in the summer months. This can be an even worse scenario for homes that are Non energy efficient in any way. Most households manage to beat the heat by using an air conditioner, but this comfort is a costly choice. Household utility bills in the summer months tend to be much higher than those of any other season simply due the constant running of an air conditioner. While many still choose to hesitantly use their air conditioner during the summer, countless […]

Solar Screens Provide Comfort And Savings For Your Home

Do you have a room in your home that seems to be a lot hotter than the rest of your house? Do you sometimes avoid using those rooms during the warm summer months? If so, the new solar screen systems may be the answer to your problem. They are a highly functional way to make every room in your home comfortable and useable. What Is A Solar Screen? A Solar Screen is a shading system that is mounted on the exterior of your home. Inside shades and blinds will help to keep your home cooler, but by stopping the sun’s […]

Keep your Cool with Solar Shades

If you’re looking for the same comfort on the outside of your home, Eclipse retractable awnings come in a number of choices to cool both the interior and exterior areas of your house. One is the patio and pergola solar shade that gives you all the cool with none of the confinement.