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5 Benefits of Interior Shading for Your Home

Curtains and blinds are becoming a thing of the past. They can be a hassle, having to clean dust off blinds and old, musty odors coming from curtains. Perhaps, you are considering of getting rid of your home’s curtains and blinds. Installing interior shades can be a great option for many reasons. Interior shades and shading give homeowners control of the interior of their home. They also increase comfort of the home. Here are the top five benefits of having interior shades in your home. Protection from UV rays – Interior shades stop up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays […]

Benefits Of Having Solar Shades Installed Before Summer

The cooling temperatures of winter and spring tend to make us forget about those uncomfortably hot days we experience in the summer months. This can be an even worse scenario for homes that are Non energy efficient in any way. Most households manage to beat the heat by using an air conditioner, but this comfort is a costly choice. Household utility bills in the summer months tend to be much higher than those of any other season simply due the constant running of an air conditioner. While many still choose to hesitantly use their air conditioner during the summer, countless […]

Exterior Sun Shades Protect Your Home Inside And Out

Extreme sun exposure calls for high-quality and long-lasting exterior sun shades. Today’s sun shades filter the sun and reduce its glare. They create a perfect atmosphere both inside your home and on patios and decks, even in the most extreme climates. Sun Shades Add Comfort And Save Money By covering your external windows, doors, and patio openings, you are blocking out 97% of the sun’s UV rays and direct heat from passing through the glass windows. Imagine what a savings that is to your pocketbook when you consider cooling costs. From the inside of your house, you are creating a […]