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A New Look with Awnings to Match your Landscaping

Or vice versa. As memories of last summer are jogged by the warm spring, we cannot wait to dress in only shorts and t-shirts and have adventures in the great outdoors once again. Create a backyard oasis perfect for entertaining or just hanging out with the family. Eclipse Shading Sytems® will come to your home and help you select the perfect shading system for your home. You can also discuss your existing landscape and any plans you might have to make changes.

A well-planned and executed landscape will complement your retractable awning with color and shape, adding additional benefits to your shading option. If you leave your retractable awning rolled out most of the time, avoid placing small trees and heavy shrubbery nearby that may cause additional debris to collect on your awning. Regardless of the plants, flowers, and shrubs you plan to put in, Eclipse Shading Systems will have the retractable awnings that fit your style with affordability and color and fabric selections to blend seamlessly with the landscape around your deck of patio.

Eclipse retractable awning designers are aware of the landscaping in the areas to be shaded and will help you select from many appealing fabrics, patterns and colors to go with your back yard decorating plan. Purchasing an awning adds functionality and style to your patio, saving energy and providing cool comfort on hot, sunny days. No matter where you live or what your natural surroundings may be, when you make the decision to purchase a retractable awning, keep your total landscaping plan in mind. It’s all about you – your style and your comfort… and long-lasting beauty in your backyard.