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Eclipse Owners Manuals

Familiarize yourself with the features, installation, operation safety and care for your investment with Digital Owners Guides (available as an awning instructions PDF). Your purchase is an investment worth learning about to get the best use from your system.

Retractable Awning Safety Guidelines

Retractable awnings are designed for sun protection. Awnings should not be open or extended during extreme weather conditions such as high winds or heavy, driving rain. Please do not leave awning extended or open while unattended, as weather conditions can change quickly and case damage to the awning. Take care not to allow snow or rain to accumulate on an extended awning, which can increase the weight held by the frame and cause damage to the awning and building or structure.

Do not barbecue or have an open flame under your extended awning. Excessive heat can cause discoloring or damage to the fabric. It can compromise the Sunbrella® treatment to the fabric, among other risks.

Refer to the manual for further details on operation and care. Eclipse Shading System recommends regular cleaning and care for retractable awnings, and offers tips in the manual as well as the fabric care instructions.

Awning Owners Guide

Exterior Screens Safety Guidelines

Exterior retractable screens are installed on a track, and it is important to keep the track free of obstructions, which can damage the unit. If the screen becomes jammed during lowering operation, immediately hit the MY or STOP button on the controller. Motorized screens will not operate if there is a loss of power.

It is recommended to keep screen fully retracted when not in use. Screens should not be operated in below freezing temperatures or exposed to high heat of cooking of flames.

Eclipse Shading Systems recommends you clean your screen fabric regularly with a mild detergent in warm water using a soft brush to extend the life and operation of the screens. Allow screens to air dry completely before retracting.

More information can be found in the owner’s manual.

The additional of any Somfy electronics/sensor to you unit does add a level of safety but note that any damage due to wind, rain or other conditions is not covered by the factory warranty.

For E-Zip (Zipper Screens): the side retention fabric guides are located inside each of the side tracks. These guides should be free of dirt or debris, an occasional hosing off is recommended. After cleaning, you may want to carefully spray some dry lube on the black plastic fabric guides slots located in the tracks to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Your screen fabric can be cleaned with a mild detergent in warm water and soft brush. Let the screen fabric dry completely before retracting.

In very strong winds, your screen should be retracted to avoid damage to the unit and the fabric.

For manually operated screens – when retracting, stop turning the crank handle once the top of the hem bar reaches the top of the tracks. Over retracting the fabric will cause the unit not to function correctly and/or can damage the fabric.

Do not attach anything to the fabric as it will cause damage when the unit is retracted.

In case of a power outage and the screens are down, the hem bar can be carefully lifted to provide an exit. If this needs to be done, avoid simply dropping the hem bar to prevent fabric damage.

Screen & Shade Owners Guide