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Exterior Screen Fabric

Retractable exterior screens are necessary for houses and buildings with certain exposures, and certainly in certain environments where the sun streams through windows. It's important to choose a screen with an effective fabric that can insulate your interior from letting in too much heat, as well as protecting your furnishings from the fading powers of the sun. Eclipse primarily sources its screen fabrics from Phifer Incorporated, a textile company that offers a versatile and durable exterior sun control line of fabrics made in the U.S. Phifer provides Eclipse with SunTex® 95 and SunTex® 90, two durable and efficient fabrics for exterior screens. Screening fabrics are offered in a range of neutrals that go well with exterior colors for most homes and buildings.

SunTex® 95

SunTex® 95 is a woven, vinyl-coated polyester fabric. The material and coating protect against heat and glare from the sun, so the sun isn’t competing with your air conditioner. The screen also offers daytime privacy for windows and patios with public exposures. SunTex® is engineered for exterior use like patios, decks and balconies that benefit from shielding from the sun.

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SunTex® 90

Retractable screens to cover windows typically use SunTex® 90, which blocks up to 90% of heat and glare from the sun. These shades can be used to protect your interiors from fading in the sun. The screens are also essential for saving on energy costs when the sun is sending heat your way. UV rays are reflected away from the screens. Environmental systems within your house or building don’t have to compete against the heat of the sun.

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SunTex Sun Control Fabrics

SunTex® exterior shading fabric is pet resistant, mildew and fade resistant, and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. It’s perfect for any exterior application. What you may not know is that they can help with energy savings by reducing the heating effect of the sun’s glare.