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Heavy-Duty Exterior Screens

Exterior Cassette Screens | Solar Screens

Elevate your living space with our durable exterior-mounted roll-up solar screens. Not only do they block up to 97% of heat and UV rays, but they also provide privacy and protect your belongings from fading. Experience a cooler temperature without AC and safeguard your screens from harsh weather or accidents. Shop now for the ultimate home improvement with our high-quality exterior screens.

Heavy-Duty Exterior Retractable Solar Screens

Make your home more comfortable and private using our heavy-duty exterior screens. Hanging these heavy-duty exterior screens blocks up to 97% of heat and UV rays from entering a room. Doing so can lower the room’s temperature by up to 20 degrees even if you don’t have air conditioning. Furniture, carpets and other property will also be protected against premature fading. As a bonus, exterior cassette solar shades act as privacy screens to keep prying eyes out of your day-to-day activities. The full cassette protects the screen itself against damage from foul weather or accidents when it’s not in use.

Professionally designed to fit your needs!

Our professional installation team guarantees a perfect fit for your specific needs. First, you can choose from three different cassette housing sizes and a variety of open weave or solid fabrics. Particularly, if you decide to choose a darker fabric not only adds privacy during the day, but also allows for your view of your surroundings to not be disturbed. In addition, these screens help reduce cooling costs, block sun glare, and protect indoor and outdoor furnishings from fading. Lastly, with the option to select either a solid or tightly woven fabric, you can control outdoor temperatures as well. Trust Eclipse exterior screens to take your outdoor space to another level!

Eclipse Shading features our partner brand leaders: Phifer Fabrics fabrics & Somfy motor and electronics.


Heavy-Duty Exterior Screens Features

  • Available in widths up to 24 feet, and vertical fabric drops up to 20 feet.
  • Available in 4 architecturally matching frame finishes – white, spartan bronze, camel, and granular black.
  • Several models to choose from, including Heavy Duty models for maximum durability.
  • Motorized or manual operation available for all models.
  • Available guides include aluminum side tracks or coated stainless steel cables.
  • Optional electronics for worry-free operation and maximized efficiency.
  • Can be incorporated into an existing automated system.
  • 10 year framework warranty.