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Retractable Awnings California

Are you in California and are interested in finding an innovative solar protection solution? Eclipse Shading Systems can help you. We promise to provide you with a comfortable, beautiful, and long lasting product that will keep you cool and dry!

Retractable Awnings to Keep Your California Home Cool

Awnings add an extra touch to the overall aesthetics of your home, as well as a shady spot to enjoy the often very warm outdoor environment in California. However, did you know that these attractive retractable awnings offer other benefits as well? 

  • Lower energy bills: According to research performed by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Sustainable Building Research
  • They provide energy savings by reducing the amount of solar gain that goes through the windows.
  • Keep you cool: Most homes lose their cooling energy through their windows and glass doors faster than any other part of the house.
  • These solar protections solutions are an effective way to prevent cooling energy loss in your household, as well as reduce heat gain.
  • Environmentally friendly: They help to keep gas emission low that, consequently, lowers your carbon footprint.

Eclipse Shading Systems: Innovative Solar Protection Solutions

Awnings offer California homeowners many benefits. At Eclipse Shading Systems, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality and innovative solar protection solutions, competitive prices, and superior customer service through our partner dealers. Find a dealer in California.

We take pride in being able to provide our clients with unique, customized retractable awnings. To this end, we have a technical department of dedicated engineers who specialize in solar protection solutions. Some of the products we provide include:

  • Retractable awnings
  • Window awnings
  • Solar screens
  • Patio awnings
  • Patio sun shades
  • Outdoor awnings
  • Exterior sun shades