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Picking the Right Shading Solution for You


retractable awningPick the right shading solution

People need shade in every facet of their lives. Whether you’re looking for protection in your home or business, Eclipse Shading has plenty of options to keep you feeling protected all year round. See below to help pick the right shading solution for you!


An Awning?

Your first thought might be to go with an awning. That makes sense: there’s a reason that awnings are our most popular products. Your awning will provide you with limited weather protection. If you’d still like to enjoy your outdoor space during a light drizzle, an awning will help to make that happen. If you’re looking to keep your outdoor space cool, an awning can help with that too. The shaded space created by an awning will be cooler and more temperate than the space that the sun might prevent. That’s to say nothing about the increased living space and curb appeal that an awning can provide.

Exterior Screens?

Maybe you already have a nice outdoor space. If you’re looking to take your porch, deck or balcony to the next level, some exterior screens might be the thing for you. Our exterior screens are made of a UV protectant fabric, giving you plenty of sun protection when and where you want it. Your exterior screens also offer great protection from pests and debris. Then there’s the variety of neutral color and texture options giving you maximum style and choice about the look of your space.

Interior Roller Shades?

Whether you don’t have an outdoor space at all, or you’ve already gotten it spic and span, remember not to forget the inside of your home. Windows are great, but they do allow for sun damage, and heat loss from the inside of your home. Our interior roller shades come in a variety of color ways and levels of UV protection. You can even get blackout or privacy options which give you plenty of protection in other ways.


Remember to consult the Professionals

Every situation is different. Whether you’re looking for your home or business, the best option is to consult one of our dealers to pick the right shading solution for you. You are one-of-a-kind, and you deserve a one-of-a-kind solution.