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Accessorize Your Retractable Awnings with the Eclipse Drop Shade

retractable awnings from EclipseIf the low sun is bothersome when you like to have breakfast on your patio or relax with a glass of wine on your back porch in the late afternoon, the extra solar protection of the Eclipse Drop Shade retractable awning accessory is just right for you. You purchased your Eclipse retractable awnings years ago and have them rolled out for all day comfort most summer days so you know the quality and reliability of Eclipse Shading Systems® products along with the benefits of protecting you and your family from harmful UV sun exposure and reducing temperatures and sun glare indoors. You can extend those benefits with the additional protection of the Eclipse Drop Shade, a vertical shade attached to the front of your awning.

It’s no wonder the Eclipse Drop Shade is one of our top selling awning accessories. The Drop Shade is the perfect accessory for the Eclipse®, the thirteen foot Total Eclipse®, and our Eclipse Cross Arm because the vertical shade from the front bar can be extended up to thirty-nine inches and is the best solution for protection from low sun exposure. The Eclipse Drop Shade is available in a selection of solid acrylic fabrics or in open weave mesh and in four different Qualicoat powder frame finishes. The shade can be motorized and operated at the touch of a button or manually. The Eclipse Drop Shade awning accessory comes in widths of five to twenty feet and is available on projections up to thirteen feet and cross arm units, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Eclipse Shading Systems is committed to solar protection for you and your family.