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Adding Value To Your Home With A Retractable Awning

We understand your home is a big investment and a real source of pride for the family. Having all the comforts you want in your home, as well as in your outdoor living space, adds to the enjoyment of your home. They can also add to the value of your property, especially when you add awnings. Having the convenience and charm of a retractable awning to use on those hot spring through fall days is a great addition to your home. Not only does it add value should you decide to sell your home, but it will enhance the time you can spend outdoors enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Adding to Outdoor Living Space If you stop and look at your patio or deck area on any afternoon, you can see the areas of the deck you probably aren’t using right now. These are spots that are just too hot to sit around comfortably. They are also areas where you can’t keep plants as they just wither and die in the heat. Now, image a beautifully designed awning across the area, blocking the heat from the sun and cutting off those damaging UV rays. This is the area of your deck you will reclaim and begin to use again as soon as your awning is in place. Enhanced Energy Saving One of the most undervalued aspects of having a retractable awning is the protection from the sun’s heat. Without an awning, the sun shines into your windows and patio doors on that side of the home, heating up the interior by as much as an additional 20% or more depending on the amount of glass. With the quick push of a button, you can extend the awning and protect that glass and those rooms from heating up. This will result in less use of your air conditioner and more savings on your energy bill. Backyard Appeal There is something appealing about an awning carefully designed to match the color of your home and your landscaping style. This can include rich colors, textures or even unique stripes that bring in a range of different styles an color combinations. Having a retractable awning in your backyard is a great way to give a whole new look. With the option to quickly open and close the awning enjoying your deck is just the push of a button away.