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Whether you cover up with an Eclipse or go big with the Total Eclipse®, you will reduce heat gain by more than 77% and will lower indoor summer temperatures by as much as 15 degrees...take control of your backyard with Eclipse.

Millions in the U.S. have invested thousands of dollars on a beautiful deck or patio only to find out that the hot and harsh rays of the sun make their deck an unusable area. The Eclipse® is a custom-made sun stopper, so your deck or patio instantly becomes an outdoor oasis. The many benefits include saving on cooling costs, and protecting your furniture, carpets, and drapes from fading.

Your Eclipse Awning will reduce sunlight and sun glare by as much as 94% and blocks 98% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. That’s why Eclipse is THE ULTIMATE SUN BLOCK. Light or steady rains ruin your back yard gatherings? Not anymore! Extend your Eclipse and keep the party rolling. The specially coated acrylic fabric is water resistant and when installed with the recommended pitch you can stay outside and stay dry.

Benefits don’t stop in the colder months. In those colder months, keep your Eclipse awning in the retracted position to allow the warming rays of the sun to lower heating costs and brighten up your life. The retracted awning under the optional hood is protected all winter long with no additional coverage or required maintenance. To make your Eclipse awning not only cool, but easy to use, add SOMFY® motors and controls for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Simply touch a button and your awning extends or retracts, as you desire. Nothing is easier (or cooler) than an Eclipse awning with a SOMFY® motor. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers motorize their Eclipse retractable awning!