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Awning Accessories Can Enhance Your Outdoor Occasions

Spending time outside on your deck or patio under the comfort of an awning is always a must when friends of family are around. The level of comfort is always greatest outside when the weather is warm and the sun isn’t beating down on you. Though you may be able to enjoy occasions like these for some hours during the day, there are many factors that can come into play to disturb this wonderful level of comfort. Fortunately, awning accessories may be the right solution to help you enjoy times like these even more, so don’t let a drop in temperature, dark atmosphere or lack of privacy ruin your outdoor gathering!

A few awning accessories that can be implemented to your retractable awning include-

Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater

Warm up those chilly nights with an infrared heater that is mounted to the top of your awning and warms up anything directly below!  This can allow you and your guests to stay on your patio or deck for longer periods of time in complete comfort.

Eclipse Lunar Mood Lighting

Eclipse Lunar Lighting is a UL listed, compact style lighting system that is securely attached to the backside of the awning’s front bar. This lighting system will provide just enough light to allow you and your guests to dine or converse safely in the evening without harsh glare.

Eclipse Front Drop Shade

This drop down screen can provide a better form of privacy for any of your outdoor occasions on a deck or patio. This easy to operate option can be driven manually with a hand crank – or with a motor, making it another touch of the button solution!

Somfy Electronic Accessories

  • Wireless Rain & Sun Sensor: This is a solar powered combined rain and sun sensor that is capable of working with retractable awnings, shutters and screens. This sensor is completely wireless and can retract an awning automatically for you when the maximum level of rain exceeds its threshold.
  • Wireless Wind Sensor: The awning wind sensor is batter powered and will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements
  • Smartphone and Tablet Controls: Teh Somfy myLink™ allows to access your awning controls remotely with your smart device.

To find out more on how these accessories can improve your outdoor gathering be sure to check out our awning accessories page here, or contact us at (800) 501-3850.