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Awnings Add Shade & Style to Any Property

An awning can give your home or business a unique look and style. Awnings are both attractive looking and practical. We invite you to consider just a few of the many benefits that you can receive from having an awning installed.

Let’s start with living space. During certain seasons, your use of an outdoor patio may be limited by inclement weather. Sometimes this can be rain, but other times it may just be heavy sun that produces uncomfortable conditions on a patio or deck.

Retractable awnings give you the flexibility to increase your outdoor living space. You can set up some patio furniture and use an awning to keep the ground cool and the sun and rain off of yourself and guests. Motorized, automatic awnings make it even easier to close the awning in the event of severe weather that might damage the awning. No more worries about patio tables with umbrellas that get destroyed in a storm. This is perfect for homes and for businesses with outdoor seating or living space.

Skin cancer has become very prevalent in our day. We get all kinds of warnings about UV radiation and how to protect ourselves from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends awnings as a great way to still enjoy the outdoors while preventing yourself and others from developing skin cancer. This alone can be the motivation you need to purchase an awning for the health of you and your loved ones.

Consider the benefits too for your outdoor area. The sun may fade and ultimately ruin outdoor carpets and other flooring, but a simple rollout awning can protect your outdoor floors all summer long. Think of the money you will save on replacing expensive flooring every few years by purchasing just one awning. It serves to protect your outdoor furniture too, especially if you live in severe sunny states like Florida.

Finally, consider the benefits when it comes to energy consumption. Awnings can block the suns rays so that they don’t heat a house. The suns powerful rays make your air conditioning work harder to counteract these effects. Reduced energy costs are a must during summer when electric bills skyrocket due to the outdoor temperatures, especially during peak hours.