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Awnings Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Go Green!

When you make the decision to add an awning to your home, you decrease your energy use and that decreases your carbon footprint. One of the greatest benefits of installing an awning is the energy savings. We are all concerned with global warming and green living. In fact, the easiest way to reduce environmental footprints and fight increasing energy costs with summer temperatures rising to record breaking levels is through simple shading.

According to a study done by the Professional Awning Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA), simple shading with awnings can reduce energy use in a building up to 30%. Exterior fabric window awnings reduce heat inside businesses and homes during peak sunlight hours by as much as 77%. Awning fabrics do not trap moisture or heat and reduce air-conditioning costs as well.

Do your part to decrease the collective footprint and invest in an Eclipse Shading Systems® sun awning, solar screen or solar shade. By the way, when you purchase your awning at a local Eclipse dealer, you are contributing further to going green by buying local! You’ll experience immediate and long-term benefits environmentally and financially. There are many options available and one is right for you. It’s the attractive, cost effective way to decrease your carbon footprint.