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Awnings & Shading for Historical Buildings

Awnings protect historical and modern buildings alikeCommunities across the United States are working hard against time to preserve their local historical buildings, both residential and commercial. These historical structures – some over 300 years old – are not constructed of modern materials, and many are being restored and renovated to last as long as possible while maintaining the integrity of their past. Learn more about how awnings can help preserve historical buildings so that they can continue to be enjoyed and appreciated for many generations to come.


Protecting Against Weather Exposure

All structures, modern or historical, are exposed to the elements, including rain, wind, debris, snow and the damaging rays of the sun. Protecting our historical buildings with shading systems and retractable awnings is often the first suggestion made in restorative architectural planning. Some of these buildings actually already have awnings attached. Existing awnings that are currently in poor condition can sometimes be repaired, but more often, it is a wiser decision to replace the awning with more durable materials designed to hold up well and provide more complete protection against the elements. Awnings minimize the extent to which the building’s façade is exposed to harsh weather and direct sunlight, which helps to keep the exterior looking great year after year.

Preserving the Building’s Interior Décor

Another reason to add awnings to a historical building is to protect the décor found inside. Awnings on historical buildings will reduce sun glare to the interior, preventing fading and prolonging the life of carpets, hardwood floors, draperies and furnishings. The reduction of sunlight inside has added financial benefits as well. There can be significant savings on high energy costs when awnings on the outside of the building help to keep the indoors cooler, particularly in buildings with outdated or nonexistent air conditioning systems.

How to Create Awnings for Historical Buildings

When you choose Eclipse Shading Systems® to create your custom awnings, you will discover that the selection of durable fabrics, frames and product accessories are the highest quality and the most affordable in the country. That makes it possible to get an awning that not only protects the building’s façade, but also complements the structure’s original style.

Preservationists who want to protect a historical building from excess wind, rain, snow and sun will have plenty of help available when they’re ready to order custom awnings from Eclipse. There are Eclipse Shading Systems dealers located throughout this great nation with expert consultants and designers ready to work with you to ensure that your historical restoration is protected with the best awnings in the industry.

Once the custom designed Eclipse retractable awnings are installed, regular professional attention will be necessary to maintain the shading system. This will ensure that the historical building retains its original stature and character in the community.

Historical buildings are found in neighborhoods and businesses across the country, and Eclipse Shading Systems is proud to participate in the preservation of our National Heritage one custom made retractable awning at a time. Contact us today to learn more about how Eclipse Shading Systems are THE ULTIMATE SUNBLOCK™ and get custom awnings made for any residential or commercial building.