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Be Environmentally Proactive with Eclipse Shading Products

energy efficient solutions from EclipseWind turbines, solar panels, recycling…more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and doing their part to conserve our natural resources. Decrease your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint by installing Eclipse Shading Systems® products on your home or business. By reducing solar gain through windows and walls with shading products, you reduce the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions. Awnings also reduce peak electricity demand and can reduce mechanical equipment costs. One of the greatest benefits of installing an awning is the energy savings. We are all concerned with global warming and green living. In fact, the easiest way to reduce environmental footprints and fight increasing energy costs with summer temperatures rising to record breaking levels is through simple shading.

When you invest in Eclipse retractable awnings, you’ll experience immediate and long-term benefits environmentally and financially. There are many options available and one is right for you. Shading your home or any building with awnings can reduce energy use up to 30%. Exterior fabric window awnings reduce heat inside buildings during peak sunlight hours by as much as 77%. Awning fabrics do not trap moisture or heat and reduce air-conditioning costs. Eclipse Shading Systems custom designs and manufactures retractable window awnings, retractable door awnings, and indoor and outdoor solar screens and shades. Do your part to decrease the collective footprint with the addition of Eclipse shading products and go green with Eclipse solar protection for your home and business.