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Benefits of a Wind Sensor On An Awning

2024 is here and spring and summer are around the corner. As homeowners and business owners prepare to take on the new year, let’s focus on the importance of owning a wind sensor for your retractable awning. Most importantly, how it can save your awning from system failure or even getting damaged.

A retractable awning allows homeowners and their guests to enjoy their patio safely and comfortably, while also providing a feeling of protection. Planning on having guests over for lunch, but rain is in the forecast? A retractable awning will protect you from that light rainfall. Hoping to relax outdoors later, but the sun has been relentless all day? A retractable awning will protect you from that sun heat and keep you nice and cool in the shade! With retractable awnings providing protection for us, it’s important to understand that your new investment needs protection as well, especially from those strong winds!

Strong wind gusts can be an issue for retractable awnings because at high enough speeds, serious damage to your awning is possible. How much wind speed your retractable awning can withstand boils down to a number of categories. The unit’s width, projection, frame assembly, fabrication process, materials, and design – according to Retractable Awnings Review. When heavy winds strike, homeowners can retract their awnings either manually, or with their remote or wall switch. But what if there was an easier way? What if your awning could retract on its own once windy conditions occur? Well, there is an easier way and it’s through an automatic wind sensor!




Eolis 3D Wind Sensor                                      Eolis RTS 24V DC Wind Sensor

Wind Sensor  Wind Sensor









Eclipse Shading offers two different wind sensor options for your retractable awning, The Eolis 3D wire free RTS, and the Eolis RTS 24V DC wind sensors. Either of these wind sensors will allow your awning to automatically retract without the need for your remote or manual crank! Here are some of the key benefits when you add a wind sensor to your awning:

 Comfort & Convenience!

  • Wind sensors will automatically detect wind gusts and retract your awning Once the wind reaches certain speeds, and based on your wind sensor’s settings, your awning will retract automatically to avoid any possible damage.
  • You don’t even need to be near your awning when a wind sensor is installed, you can even be away from the house!

If you’re someone who lives in an area where high wind gusts occur, then a wind sensor on your retractable awning is highly recommended!