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Best Awnings for Summer

Summer has arrived!  Is your yard or eating area ready to protect from the harsh sun?  Temperatures in throughout the country can reach outrageously hot levels, particularly during the summer months. To protect your family from the sun but still enjoy time outside, an awning could be a perfect solution.  But which type of awning is best suited for your needs? Eclipse Awnings can help make that decision for you, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time worrying about the sunblock.

Retractable Awnings

If your space doesn’t always need that extra protection, retractable awnings are a way to temporarily add what you’re looking for this summer. Eclipse awnings are available in a variety of different retractable awnings, which can be put away hassle-free with just a button.  You’ll be able to have a customizable, controllable awning in the space you need it most. And the best part?  You won’t be sacrificing any structural integrity.

Stationary Awnings

With a stationary awning, your options open up in terms of what kind of material you’re interested in.  If you don’t think a fabric awning will suit your needs, you can reach for an aluminum awning.  These are made with rugged, sturdy materials that will pay off your investment by themselves.  Stationary awnings come with permanent installation, and reduce the energy cost that comes with a retractable awning.  They’re sturdy.  You’ll have the awning for as long as you have the space, no matter the element.

Roll-up Awnings

These are ideal for a smaller space, and they can be the final touch to your space.  If you’re having trouble with the sun beating through a particular window, a roll-up awning lets you shade that area and put away the awning when you’re done using it.  This option is perfect for those who are searching for a temporary solution to the summer heat.

Commercial Awnings

If you’re searching for the perfect awning for your company or business, a commercial awning is perfect.  This is what you see hanging over hotel entrances, restaurants and other public areas.  This option will allow you to work closely with architects and designers who have your best interest at heart.  You’ll also have the choice of a variety of fabrics to fit your setting.

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