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Black Out Shading with Eclipse DuoShade System

The DuoShade by Eclipse Shading SystemsThe Eclipse Shading Systems® DuoShade provides you with the sun protection you want indoors as well as complete privacy when you need it. The DuoShade system by Eclipse blocks out 90% of the damaging UV rays of the sun, reduces cooling costs during the summer months, and gives you added privacy when you want it. Windows are the #1 way to gain heat and to lose heat through radiation so preventing that penetration with Eclipse DuoShades will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months.

The unique interior mounted DuoShade system is two shading systems in one. The open weave fabric panel reduces solar heat gain and glare and leaves you with your view intact. Opaque fabric is used for the second panel and provides you with blackout privacy when you want it. You have touch of a button control.

The Eclipse DuoShade system is available in widths from 18” to 102” beaded chain hand operation or 28” to 168” Somfy motorized operation, and in drops of 12” up to 120”. Black out track a choice of your 7” fascia in white, tan, or bronze. The 10 year warranty seals the deal.

Your home will be cool on the hottest days and warm on the cold ones. The DuoShade system provides solar protection, shading and the comfort you can always count on from Eclipse Shading Systems. Keep your home comfortable and your furnishings safe without the glare of the sun. Shade and privacy at the touch of a button…just what you expect from Eclipse Shading Systems. The Eclipse DuoShade – two different fabrics for your mood.