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Choosing the Right Retractable Solar Shades

When looking for retractable solar shades, it’s easy to become confused or bewildered at the wide variety of options, brands, manufacturers, and companies that overwhelm the market. So how is the average consumer supposed to choose the right solar shades? We’ve put together a few things you should consider in choosing the right retractable solar shades for your home or business.

  1. Which room are you purchasing retractable solar shades for? Depending on whether you’re looking to buy solar shades for your living room, bedroom, or a single doorway, the room you’re purchasing solar shades for will dictate the size and screen density you’ll want to select. For example, bright living rooms will usually benefit from larger, denser screens.
  2. Match styles, colors, and architecture. Choosing the right retractable solar shades that matches your home, business, or living space can help make these additions seamless and stylish. Retractable solar shades will completely vanish behind and under existing parts of your home or business’ architecture to create a smooth when needed.
  3. Buy from the best. You want a manufacturer with a history of success and a variety of colors and options in order to get the best possible fit for you and your building. Eclipse Shading Systems is among the best manufacturers of retractable solar shades. Anything less and you risk the retractable shades not functioning properly or not lasting long due to lower quality production and materials.
  4.  Trust a professional. A company like Eclipse that has years of experience not only in custom installation work and solar shading, but also in working with a variety of architectural styles and buildings, both residential and commercial, so our technicians will best be able to quickly and effectively install your retractable solar shades.

Professionals at Eclipse Shading Systems can help you with every kind of shading systems, no matter where you live. With hundreds of Eclipse dealers located across the country, we proudly offer the best quality at the best prices, all delivered and installed by trained and highly qualified professionals.