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Considering The Differences Between Motorized And Manual Awnings

Being able to have shade literally at your fingertips is the most commonly voiced reason our customers choose retractable awnings. They are tired of having to sit inside on a beautify day because their deck and patio area is simply too hot to get outside and enjoy the weather.

We offer our customers both a motorized and manual option for extending and retracting our awnings, but there are some important considerations for choosing between the two methods of operation. Having a good understanding of the benefits of the motorized models and the potential considerations for selecting a manual operation only model will help you make the right choice.


If you are like most people, having the convenience of using a small remote to open and close the awning is a great feature. Not only can you hit the button from inside your home and let it cool off before you want to go outside, but you can also easy extend the awning on those hot summer days before you leave for work.

This will help to keep the home cool during the day, as the sun’s heat won’t be shining directly in your windows and patio doors. It also saves you from having to go outside and manually crank the awning into position.

Override Options

On all of our motorized awnings we also provide an override, so you have the ability to retract or extend the awning if you have a power outage. This not only adds to the convenience, but it also assures you the peace of mind you can protect your awning in the event of a storm when the power isn’t on.

Manual Operation

While there is a specific gear ratio used to make cranking the awning in and out easy, it is still going to take a bit of work and effort. This is particularly true on a larger awning where there are a larger frame and more material to create the actual awning itself. These awnings can be heavy, and this will add to the amount of force needed to complete the process by hand.

With the motorized awning, even the largest awning can be operated smoothly and efficiently with the touch of a button. There is no need to go outside or to try to struggle to get the awning into place; you can just relax and let the motor do it all for you.

You have the option to choose a manually operated and a motorized awning, and which option you choose will be a factor of size and convenience. We recommend you consider the motorized option, it is a great feature to add to any home.