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Durable Synthetic Awning Fabrics Dominate the Awnings Market

Over the course of the last 25 years, there have been major technological breakthroughs in synthetic fabrics and topcoating agents. These new awning fabrics are made of synthetic yarns providing greater durability and extend the look and life of indoor and outdoor awnings. Depending on fabric care, temperature and climate, your awning should last up to eight years before needing repair or replacement.
The Awning Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), a not-for-profit trade association representing the entire spectrum of the specialty fabrics industry, reports that seven primary fabrics are used to make awnings: Solution-dyed acrylic, Solution-dyed modacrylic (a synthetic copolymer), Vinyl-laminated polyester, Vinyl-coated polyester-cotton, Vinyl-coated polyester, Acrylic-coated polyester and Painted polyester-cotton. The fabric base, woven scrim, is commonly treated with cured liquid topcoatings and laminates to provide protection from the environment. Additional chemicals are added to the cured liquid topcoatings and laminates to protect awnings against water and mildew, add color, provide UV protection and create flame retardant fabric.
The majority of Eclipse Shading Systems® are made with fabrics supplied by Sunbrella®, manufactured by Glen Raven, Incorporated. Eclipse also partners with Dickson, a division of Glen Raven and Ferrari awning fabrics, a division of Soltis Textiles. Gore Tenara is the finest and strongest sewing thread available and it’s what we use in Eclipse awning construction.

Our relationships with our partners and their products are what make Eclipse one-of-a-kind awnings the best in the world!