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If you ask satisfied retractable awning owners in Selbyville, Delaware where they purchased their Eclipse shading system they will be glad to tell you the professionals at EC Shutters & Awnings helped them find the right one for their solar protection needs. EC Shutters & Awnings trained shading experts have been helping residential and commercial building owners select the best Eclipse awning products for over 16 years.

We at Eclipse Shading Systems know that a manufacturer is only as good as its product dealers. Our dealerships throughout the US represent the same high standards and share a commitment to product quality and unsurpassed service. We want every Eclipse customer to experience the “Eclipse Excellence” dedication to solar protection solutions…the best awnings in the world.

Whether you are located in the north near Selbyville, Delaware, East Coast Shutters & Awnings. will make purchasing your Eclipse awnings a positive and stress free investment in your home or business.
For residential or commercial shading, Eclipse retractable awnings will provide the ideal shading where you need it to protect you from the damaging UV rays of the sun, keep temperatures cooler on the deck or patio, and indoors, saving on your energy bills. Retractable awnings also prevent premature fading of indoor carpet and upholstery.

Call EC Shutters & Awnings to experience Eclipse Shading Systems’ one-of-a-kind custom designed retractable awnings and complement the beauty of your home while enhancing your outdoor life. You will find Eclipse retractable awnings and other innovative products to protect your home at EC Shutters & Awnings located in Selbyville, Delaware.