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Eclipse Exterior Solar Screens Intercept the Heat of the Sun

solar screens protect your home from the sunDo you know that 5 to 14% of the heat and UV rays enter your home through the windows and that solar screens can absorb and reflect up to 95% of that heat, glare, and UV rays? Eclipse Shading Systems® exterior solar screens actually make it possible for you to control the sun. Eclipse exterior solar window screens intercept the sun’s heat, reducing heat gain up to 77% and eliminating sun glare and UV rays before they can enter your home through the windows. Solar screens protect your carpets and furniture from fading while keeping the indoor temperatures cooler and reducing energy costs up to 60%. Eclipse Shading Systems® exterior solar screens create 100% sun block and are so sleek you won’t even know they’re there.

The newest addition to Eclipse Shading Systems outdoor retractable solar screens is the Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention & and Insect Screen. This Eclipse model expands your outdoor living space and leaves no entryway for bugs with the advantage of operating each screen individually or all at once. This retractable outdoor solar screen will give you the UV protection you want for your family and protect your home from heat gain and sun glare. You can also choose the Eclipse Vertical Drop Solar Screen which is available with motorized or manual retraction and comes in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and designs. The Eclipse 4” Cassette Exterior Retractable Solar Screen blocks gives you maximized comfort, blocking the sun’s damaging rays, and reduces indoor cooling costs up to 40%. This Eclipse exterior solar screen model also offers manual or motorized operation. Enjoy the sun on your own terms. Keep the view. Lose the heat and glare. Visit your Eclipse Shading Systems dealer today and see our full line of exterior solar screens.