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Your First Spring in the Country with the Eclipse Retractable Awning

window-_awningThis is your first spring in the new country house and after a snow-intensive winter, you’re only just beginning to get to know your neighbors. One day in particular, there was the smell of smoke and you became increasingly concerned after several hours went by, so you hopped into your car and drove down the road expecting to see fire trucks and police cars.
You were greatly relieved when you arrived at your neighbor’s farm, several miles away and saw that the smoke was coming from a little shack where they were boiling maple sap to make this year’s syrup. Inquisitively, you went to the door of the shack and as you walked closer, noticed that all the trees surrounding the structure had little tents attached to the trees where the sap was being collected. You poked your head through the door and introduced yourself to your new neighbor. He was glad to show you the process for boiling the sap down to syrup and explained that it takes ten gallons of sap to produce one quart of syrup. Wow.
From that day to this, you had your local Eclipse Shading Systems® dealer visit your home to assess the shading needs of the house for the front porch and the back deck. You both enjoy sitting out on the front porch with the solar protection of your new retractable awnings as you watch cars, tractors, and ATV’s come down the road. Your most relaxing time is in the morning on the back deck, under the retractable awning while you read the paper and eat your pancakes with the fresh flavor of local maple syrup.