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Eclipse Retractable Awnings: Color, Style & Function

retractable awnings from EclipseThe colors in your yard are getting bright, the patio furniture is out and matches your interior décor as well. Now you can purchase retractable awnings from Eclipse Shading Systems® with a wide selection of fabrics to match all of your colors and patterns. Modern durable synthetic fabrics dominate the awnings market. Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings are made with fabrics supplied by Sunbrella®, manufactured by Glen Raven, Incorporated, Dickson, a division of Glen Raven, and Ferrari awning fabrics, a division of Soltis Textiles. We also use Gore Tenara thread, the finest and strongest sewing thread available. It is these partnerships that help make Eclipse retractable one-of-a-kind awnings the best awnings in the world.

According to the Awning Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), there are seven fabrics most often used in manufacturing awnings:

• Solution-dyed acrylic
• Solution-dyed modacrylic (a synthetic copolymer)
• Vinyl-laminated polyester
• Vinyl-coated polyester-cotton
• Vinyl-coated polyester
• Acrylic-coated polyester
• Painted polyester-cotton

Major technological breakthroughs in the past three decades have led to the development of synthetic fabrics and top coating agents that make awning fabrics far more durable and long lasting than ever before. Synthetic yarns are used to create awning fabrics that are weather proof and hold their color and brightness. Woven scrim is cured and treated with liquid top coats, chemicals, and laminates that protect the fabric from water, mildew, and fire. Eclipse retractable awnings are available in many beautiful colors and patterns giving you the protection you want from the heat and UV rays of the sun, protecting your indoors furniture from fading, and saving you money on summer energy bills. All with the style and function you can always expect and only have with Eclipse retractable awnings.