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Eclipse Retractable Awnings Get 60,000 Cycles with ABT

Eclipse retractable awnings protect your home and your familyAdvanced Belt Technology®, or ABT, is a revolutionary tension system, which replaces the use of traditional cables or chains. The outstanding durability of the Advanced Belt Technology used in constructing Eclipse retractable awnings is the result of the nine high carbon steel cables enclosed in a poly carbon UV resistant (PVC) covering. This flat flexible belt improves the arms’ tension transmission providing more strength and reliability. The ABT is stronger, more durable, more resistant, and more aesthetically pleasing than standard cables and chains. The difference is in the belt. The breakthrough Advanced Belt Technology is designed specifically for the awnings industry providing a tension system with the power to be the highest performing awnings available, helping to make Eclipse retractable awnings a world leader.

There are over 600,000 Advanced Belt Technology systems operating today. The ABT system’s PVC covering eliminates the possibility of erosion of parts and paint from the friction of chains and cables, protecting from corrosion. The flat shape of the Advanced Belt Technology System exhibits the perfect aesthetic finish exceeding all other types of mechanical tensioning systems in presentation and design. Advanced Belt Technology in your Eclipse awning system ensures that you’ll have the most stable and most attractive awning possible with clean lines and a smooth beautiful finish. The chemical stability of Advanced Belt Technology with its mechanical resistance features provides your Eclipse retractable awning with unprecedented performance, tested to last 60,000 cycles. In other words, your Eclipse retractable awning will open and close every time you want it to for many, many years to come.