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Eclipse Shading Systems® 5-Star Overall Ratings

Eclipse Shading Systems® products and services receive consistent five star overall ratings from our customers. Simply put, we manufacture, sell, and install awesome awnings and custom shading systems at a competitive price. We offer the widest variety of colors and custom designs. Eclipse customers have done their homework and after working with us, recommend Eclipse by far as the best awnings and awning accessories available in today’s shading products market.

Our superior shading systems far exceed your expectations in quality and performance. Eclipse customers are as happy with their awning products today as they were the day they were installed and those kudos come from some who have had their awnings as long as nine years! They say that the colors in their awnings are as vibrant as they were the day they purchased their awning and that the retractable gear runs as smoothly and as quietly as it was when it was new…worth every penny.

When size matters, Eclipse is the only dealer that can supply customers with larger awnings that are durable, along with high quality frames with engineering certifications – that seals the deal. And when you hit the switch on those sunny sweltering hot summer days and your Eclipse awning rolls out, the temperature on your deck will drop ten degrees.

When you buy Eclipse Shading Systems products, you will discover what Eclipse customers already know. An Eclipse Shading Systems solution is the best investment you can make in your home. Eclipse 5-STAR QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, and SERVICE…if you ever need it! Need we say more?