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Eclipse Shading Systems® for Your Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod Shade is Your local Cape Cod Eclipse Shading Systems authorized dealer!

Eclipse retractable awnings are custom made and fit to your home, mounted on the wall or roof. Eclipse awning frames are constructed of powder coated aluminum frames and stainless steel hardware and the unique Advanced Belt Technology (ABT), a cable system with nine stainless steel cables encased in poly carbon PVC to protect your retractable awnings from rusting. You can select your awning material from a wide choice of marine grade mold, mildew, and rot resistant Sunbrella fabrics made of acrylic fibers and infused with color to prevent fading, then sewn with Gore Tenara threads, warrantied for the life of fabric. Protect your family from harmful ultra violet rays, save on energy bills, and stay cool with Eclipse retractable awnings for your home.

Eclipse shading products have a 5-Star overall rating and Eclipse awnings are the best in the industry. With dealerships across the US, our shading products are available to you from your local dealer. Anchor Design is recognized as one of New England’s top swimming pool companies and is proud to be an Eclipse Shading Systems dealer. Every customer will experience the Eclipse dedication to solar protection solutions, state of the art products, and unmatched customer service. We call this is “Eclipse Excellence” and we’re fanatic about it!