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Eclipse Shading Systems® Partner, LLAZA of Spain adds Strength to Retractable Awnings

llaza awning system framesEclipse Shading Systems retractable awnings are the best in the world and our partners help us to garner this reputation. Our association with LLAZA of Spain mean that Eclipse retractable awnings have the best frame components in the world.

LLAZA of Spain has been manufacturing mechanisms for awnings since 1064, but in 1972, they manufactured the first retractable arm awning model and you know the rest of the story. LLAZA brackets hold your Eclipse retractable awning to the wall and provide the powerful support needed to support and protect the traction system, rolling tubes, and arms that make it possible for the awning to extend and retract.

The strength of aluminum LLAZA frame components in the manufacture of Eclipse retractable awnings helps to add years of life to your shading system. LLAZA of Spain is dedicated to fulfilling their mission of leading the world in the design and manufacturing of sun protection that keeps pace with current trends and coincides with architectural plans.

The innovative solar protection of Eclipse Shading Systems products made with LLAZA frame components are available to you through our nationwide dealerships. We all share the commitment of bringing you the “Eclipse Excellence” best in shading for residential and commercial applications.

Purchase Eclipse Shading Systems retractable awnings and other shading products and accessories from your local Eclipse dealer and you will be purchasing the best awnings in the world. Eclipse Shading Systems frame components are manufactured exclusively by LLAZA of Spain, renowned worldwide builders of the finest awning components found anywhere.