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Eclipse Shading Systems® Partners with LLAZA of Spain

When you purchase your new Eclipse retractable awning from your local Eclipse dealer, you are purchasing the best awnings and shading systems in the world. Eclipse Shading Systems is proud of its association with our partners and their high quality products that allow us to make this claim. All Eclipse frame awning frames from Llaza of Spaincomponents are manufactured exclusively by LLAZA of Spain, renowned worldwide as builders of the finest awning components found anywhere. LLAZA awning systems frames are primarily made of aluminum, providing strength and long life for your Eclipse retractable awnings. The LLAZA awning system is made up of brackets that hold the awning to the wall and support the other parts of the awning, profiles that protect the rolling tube and traction system, and the arms, which allow the retractable awning to extend. All LLAZA systems are manufactured with top quality materials.

Founded in 1964, LLAZA was the first company in Spain to manufacture awning mechanisms. With the vision to become the global benchmark in sun protection, in 1972 LLAZA created the first awning model with retractable arms and the rest is history. LLAZA has been committed to solar protection systems for over 45 years and has made their mission to lead the world in the creation, design, and manufacture of innovative sun protection systems and technology in line with architectural needs and trends, by improving technical performance and constantly seeking excellence and competitiveness while ensuring environmental protection and comfort. Through creativity, teamwork, and innovation Eclipse Shading Systems and LLAZA share the commitment of ECLIPSE EXCELLENCE.