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Energy Saving Facts – Shading Makes the Difference

Seems like everyone is trying to save money these days. One of the most overlooked ways to keep some of your hard-earned dollars is to add awnings to your home or business. In fact, you can save thousands over the course of the awning’s lifetime. Installing awnings will pay for themselves over time. Ninety percent of the radiation that enters your home comes through the walls and windows and can be responsible for up to 20% of the energy load on your air conditioning system.

energy saving facts from PAMAA recent study by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association(PAMA) provides information on energy saving facts with the use of shading in regions across the United States.

Energy Savings Possibilities by Region

• In the Sun Belt: Long hot, dry summers are typical. From Fresno to Tampa, homeowners enjoy spending time on the back porch with a cooling awning and realize an average energy savings of 15-24%.

• In the Southwest: In this dry, hot climate, awning shading can reduce the temperature indoors by as much as 15 degrees. Awnings can save you up to 31% on your energy costs in Albuquerque, 21% in the Phoenix area, and 39% in the Sacramento Valley.

• In the Southern US: In this hot, humid climate, energy consumption can be reduced 25% or more with the use of shading, with overall energy savings on home cooling of up to 12% while reducing indoor temperatures up to 15%.

• In the North Central US: In a hot year, you can have energy savings between 17-29% and in typical years, savings on cooling your home can be as high as 34-52%.

• In Western United States: With the use of solar shading, you will have an average savings on energy costs as high as 51%.

• In Eastern States: Eclipse retractable awnings, solar screens, and accessories on your home will provide peak energy savings of up to 24% in New England and 3% in the Washington DC area.

Eclipse Shading Systems® has the shading solution for you. No matter you live, shading your home or business with Eclipse retractable awnings will save you money. Period.