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Enjoy Greater Relaxation and Savings with a Retractable Awning

If you’re considering adding an awning to your deck or patio, a retractable model might be the most beneficial for you. There are many different types of awnings we provide at Eclipse Shading Systems – and retractable designs offer the full package. You’ll enjoy protection from the elements, durability, numerous accessories, ease-of-use, and lower energy costs. Retractable models have all of the features you’d expect from an awning, and much more. We can exceed your needs with a customized awning that’s both high quality and affordable. The Outdoors on Your Terms One of the greatest benefits of owning a retractable awning is the fact that you can enjoy the outdoors on your terms. Rather than having to plan your outdoor activities around the weather, you’ll be free to rest comfortable on your patio or deck without concern from most elements. The durable material, and with proper unit pitch, you will keep dry during light rainy days, while the SPF protection will keep you cool and protected during hot, sunny ones. Also, if you’re planning to sunbathe or wish to let a little natural light into your home, you can always retract your awning with just the touch of a button. Assortment of Accessories When you purchase a customized awning from our selection, you’ll gain access to a wide range of accessories. These accessories will allow you to personalize your awning even further, and help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere – day or night. Other accessories, such as wind sensors, are designed to protect your awning and extend its lifespan. Whether you’re interested in mood lighting, solar heaters, front drop shades, or sun and wind sensors, you can create the exact setup for your home. We also offer the latest in technology in the industry with a Somfy My Link controller. With this controller and a simple App download, you or any member of the home can control your shading system with any smart device. Customizable and Energy Efficient In addition to being affordable and professionally installed, retractable awnings are highly customizable. Eclipse Shading System’s network of independent dealers will set you up with the perfect model that matches your unique preferences. Whether you’re interested in adding one to your business or home, there are various designs to choose from. Regardless of the style you opt for, a retractable awning can put a significant dent in your energy bills. Well-made awnings prevent the heat from the sun from reaching walls, windows, and doors. This helps to noticeably lessen air conditioning costs.