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Exterior Sun Shades Protect Your Home Inside And Out

Extreme sun exposure calls for high-quality and long-lasting exterior sun shades. Today’s sun shades filter the sun and reduce its glare. They create a perfect atmosphere both inside your home and on patios and decks, even in the most extreme climates. Sun Shades Add Comfort And Save Money By covering your external windows, doors, and patio openings, you are blocking out 97% of the sun’s UV rays and direct heat from passing through the glass windows. Imagine what a savings that is to your pocketbook when you consider cooling costs. From the inside of your house, you are creating a clean look and sophisticated finish that can be combined with any type of interior window coverings or drapes. You are also protecting those drapes or window coverings as well as your furniture and floor covering investments from the harsh effects of the sun. Looking Out On Your Beautiful Yard With exterior sun shades on your home, you are still able to enjoy the outdoors through your windows. Having near-perfect visibility without any glare, you can enjoy your yard from the comfort of your recliner. From the outside, others are unable to look inside, providing a secure feeling of privacy during the day. Years Of Excellent Service And Convenience These shading systems are made of many choices of long-lasting fabrics with an open weave that will allow light filtration along with a feeling of accessibility. The side tracks or optional coated stainless steel cables allow you to raise or lower the shades as needed. Many styles are available with hem bar/weight bar guides for added convenience. Most of the exterior sun shades have a 10-year warranty on frames and fabrics (depending on which you choose) and can be installed with either motorized or manual operating systems, providing years of worry-free operation. Add Value To Your Home With Exterior Shades Whether you plan to stay in your home for many years or are considering putting it on the market, the added value of these exterior shades will remain with your home and make it a cost and energy efficient value to you or to its future owners.