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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition & Eclipse Shading Systems

Throughout the US, Eclipse shading products speak for themselves. When we heard Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was looking for a high quality shading systems manufacture to help them in a very special renovation, we reached out to the producers and they chose Eclipse Shading Systems. The Eclipse reputation for the best retractable awnings, window awnings, exterior solar shades, and fine accessories earned a place among the group of builders and suppliers who participated in the home renovation that aired in the episode on October 17, 2011. In Crawford, New York Hailey Korpai who was born with dwarfism, was growing up in a house that was not only unsafe, but was not allowing her to grow with the freedom and independence that every child deserves. It was clear that Hailey’s development and lifestyle could be improved with a home renovation and Extreme Makeover stepped in to make that dream a reality.

Eclipse provide shading systems to this Extreme Home Makeover homeThe challenge included a complete home renovation to create a dream house that was accessible, safe, and secure for Hailey and visitors from Little People of America (LPA). Ty Pennington, Extreme Makeover team leader, accepted the challenge of completing this home renovation in only one week with his usual enthusiasm, along with designers Jillian Harris, Ed Sanders and Paul DiMeo, Hearthstone Commercial & Residential Contracting, community volunteers, and Eclipse Shading Systems. While the Korpai family was enjoying a Disney Cruise, the renovation took place and Eclipse Shading Systems donated four exterior mounted opaque retractable shade systems on the master bedroom windows and a series of side retention screens on the enclosed outdoor Little People of America Center (LPA) created for Hailey and her friends. Both products block the sun’s harmful rays, helps protect against insects and provides an added level of security and privacy. “We enjoy making a difference, especially in our own local community,” states Larry Bedosky, Director of Marketing for Eclipse.