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Fall Awning Maintenance

Fall certainly is an awkward season for awnings – what to do? With the occasional rainfall and the leaves beginning to turn (eventually followed by ice, as this winter certainly will bring), it’s definitely a pain to deal with awning maintenance. Even deciding when to use your awning could be a hassle. But with Eclipse, none of that is really an issue. With a motorized retractable awning, you can decide at a moment’s notice what you want to do with your porch, whether that be with guests or by yourself enjoying the day. At my Aunt’s house, we’re always outside under the awning. During the summer months it was almost always extended to give us some cool shade while we enjoyed our iced tea or coffee, and especially when the whole family was over at any one of the countless barbeques. Now that fall is here, and cooler weather is inbound, we tend to leave it retracted to soak up the sun while we still can – but once in awhile the heat will crank back up into the 80s, which of course isn’t more of a problem than the press of a button. As with the summer months, rain is less than a minor inconvenience as well. What’s even better is that opposed to a non-retractable awning, our retractable awning won’t be collecting any leaves this season – we extend it when we need it, and retract it when we go inside. Back when we used to have rigid awnings, there was always the occasional stand-on-a-chair-and-flail-a-broom-around maneuver, or the equally awkward hold-the-leaf-blower-over-your-head tactic. Gone are those days! We go through enough effort with the leaves on the ground. We’re also considering the protective aluminum hood for when winter comes around – according to the weather folks, it looks like another polar vortex! Non-retractable awnings can be dangerous with ice buildup, as the ice can easily slide off and injure someone or build up and tear the awning, but in the winter we can very easily just retract the awning under the aluminum hood and not really worry about anything. How easy is that! Fall and winter are such a hassle with home upkeep, so I’m excited about any little thing that I no longer have to take care of, and a retractable awning almost makes it too easy.