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From the Ground Up, Shading is Part of the Building Plan

energy saving facts from PAMAThe benefits of having awnings on homes and commercial structures have become so well known that many architects and designers include them in the planning process for building and decorating new structures as well as renovation projects. With the rise in skin cancers as well as the benefits of conserving energy and saving money, shading has become very popular everywhere. Architects, engineers, and designers now build relationships with PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association) to provide quality up-to-date shading information and enhancements to their customers.

Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings are the best awnings in the world and their reputation for 5-Star quality and service has earned them the honor of being called on by architects, engineers, and designers to assist in incorporating the best shading options for their structural planning. The process of installation and the selection of textiles that will endure are most important in the blue print planning of both residential and commercial shading.

With increased attention to energy efficiency, sustainable structures can achieve the points needed for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, given to overall projects, not individuals. Rising energy costs and optimizing energy performance are high on the list of requirements in modern building design.

Eclipse Shading Systems retractable awnings and shading products reduce indoor heat gain, keep outdoor areas cooler, and provide protection from the damaging rays of the sun. We at Eclipse Shading Systems are dedicated to providing the most efficient solar protection for your home and your business. With dealerships throughout the US, you can call on your Eclipse shading consultant near your home to see the many shading options available.