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Get Solar Shades Installed Before the Summer

The cooling temperatures of winter and spring tend to make us forget about those uncomfortably hot days we experience in the summer months. This can be an even worse scenario for homes that are Non energy efficient in any way. Most households manage to beat the heat by using an air conditioner, but this comfort is a costly choice. Household utility bills in the summer months tend to be much higher than those of any other season simply due the constant running of an air conditioner. While many still choose to hesitantly use their air conditioner during the summer, countless households have made the investment of having solar shades installed.

Solar shades are a unique product that can help maximize your home’s efficiency by preventing any excess heat from traveling through your windows. Solar shades offer a variety of benefits and can be utilized in any type of household, apartment and business.

Here are a few simple reasons why you should install your solar window shades before the summer begins:

1. Lower Utility Bill Costs

Installing solar shades can help regulate your home’s interior temperature year round, which means you will not be constantly racing to the thermostat to make your home cooler! Because solar shades can be installed on the exterior of your window, it will prevent the sun’s rays even touching your windows. For this reason solar heat gain is dramatically reduced and the cool air within your home will be retained. Solar shades have been known to be able to reduce your energy bill cost by up to 25% too!

2. Year Round Comfort & Protection

Solar shades are capable of preventing more than just heat from entering your home. Your home’s interior decor will be in a safe position since the solar shades can prevent it from fading. The sun’s strong rays, when left unfiltered, can do significant damage to human skin but it can also damage and fade things like furniture, drapery and upholstery. They also give residents a better form of privacy since they can block off any view through a window. By installing your interior or exterior solar shades as soon as possible you will begin to protect yourself and your home more effectively which is important at any time of the year,

3. Customization

One of the greatest aspects about solar shades is that you can customize the design of it to your liking. They can be custom sized, shaped and textured to perfectly suit your home’s decor. With a variety of color schemes to choose from, you will not have to worry about finding one that is either way too dark or too light. You also have the option of choosing a motorized or hand retractable interior solar shade. The motorized products are a convenient option that allows to avoid the hassle of rolling up each individual shade!

Offering a warranty of up to 10 years, Eclipse Shading Systems is a leading provider of solar shades and can help you make your home or business energy efficient. Eclipse Shading Systems offers a wide selection of fabric colors, textures and shading densities to choose from throughout the United States.