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Getting Together with Friends for Mahjongg under Cool Shade by Eclipse

With the kids off at camp, you only have your schedule to consider, making this a more relaxing time to entertain. The girls are coming to your house today for the big Mahjongg game. There will be some light snacking while you play but later in the day, the husbands will be joining for a nice outdoor dinner. You have been looking forward to this little gathering all week with plans to have your company congregate on the back deck. The day has been sunny with clear skies so it’s been comfortable under the shade of your Eclipse retractable awning, but it’s beginning to get cloudy and now you’re worried that it might rain on your great day and ruin the evening. The forecast was for a few possible sprinkles late in the day and when you have awnings from Eclipse Shading Systems® you never have to worry about a little light rain because you are just as protected from the elements as you are from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, you can take outdoor living to the next level with Eclipse shading options and accessories. The Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater will provide you with the warmth you need on cooler evenings and our Lunar Light Package will light up the night for extended outdoor enjoyment as well as keep the bugs at bay. Somfy electronics power our Eclipse push-of-a-button technology and offer high performing wireless sun and wind sensors that automatically respond to the elements, making sure your awnings are protected. So, when you have Eclipse and Somfy technology behind your shading system, you don’t have to let a little light rain or the chill of the evening ruin your summer party. Hope you win the Mahjongg game!