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Getting Your Eclipse Awning

Awnings are everywhere we look from store fronts to backyard patios. Awnings provide shelter from the rain and sun as well as create a welcoming and visually appealing addition to any home or business.

The Design Process

At Eclipse Shading Systems, we offer guidance and input throughout the entire design process while still giving you the best realized version of your dream. Every customer receives a thorough consultation with one of our experienced designers and is allowed multiple iterations of drafts to make sure that everything fits with your needs and expectations.

The typical design process usually takes the customer through a series of steps to complete their project which may include:

  • Meeting with a team member to discuss the basis of your project
  • Assessing the nature of your business or home needs to create the perfect product
  • Selecting a color pattern from multiple different options and fabrics
  • The creation of a computer model to visualize how the awning will look in its new setting
  • Adjustments are made based on the needs and desires of the customer
  • More iterations of the design are created if need be until the customer is satisfied
  • After the design is finalized, the creation of the awning begins
  • Periodic updates to the customer during the creation process
  • Installation by experienced members of our team
  • If anything does not meet expectations, the awning is tweaked to satisfy the customer
  • When the design and installation are complete, it’s time to enjoy the new awning

Customization Options

We offer a large variety of customizable options to give customers the power to create the awning that fits with his or her unique vision. We offer hundreds of options to mix and match and we will even create custom designs based upon your needs.

Call or stop by today to speak with one of our qualified experts regarding the nature of your project and any questions that you may have regarding your awning project. You won’t be disappointed!