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GORE® TENARA® Thread Holds Eclipse Awnings Together

Gore Tenara outdoor thread is used in Eclipse retractable awningsWhen you purchase Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings, you will have the best awnings in the world because the components we use to assemble our shading products are the best in the world. An important link in the chain of the production of Eclipse awnings is GORE TENARA thread. GORE TENARA is constructed with the unique PTFE fiber, more commonly known as Teflon that will extend the life of the fabric seams of your awning, extending the life of the awning.

GORE TENARA sewing thread is: Resistant to sun damage; Extremely color-fast. Only pigments that are highly resistant to light are used; Chemical resistant. PTFE is not affected by alkaline solutions, cleaning chemicals, or acids; Weather resistant. Thread remains flexible in extreme temperatures and frost. Provides outdoor awning fabrics with the strength to withstand years of severe weather conditions.

At Eclipse, GORE TENARA is the thread we rely on to help make our retractable awnings the best investment in shading for your home. GORE TENARA’s superior strength will outlast most of the materials used to make retractable awnings because it never cracks or becomes brittle, and is mildew and rot proof. Eclipse Shading Systems uses GORE TENARA thread because it’s designed to last.

For seams that last a fabric’s lifetime, Eclipse Shading Systems uses GORE TENARA thread to hold Eclipse retractable awnings together. Enhance your outdoor living space with Eclipse retractable awnings and find out what our other customers know. Custom made Eclipse shading products are reliable, long lasting, and are available to you through the outstanding customer service of our nationwide certified dealers.