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Great Advice from Friends. Great Eclipse Shading Solutions!

Awnings have become more and more popular through the years. Many homes have them and so do businesses. When you added awnings to your corner café business, more customers came out for lunch and stayed, enjoying the comfort of the shading. When you shade outdoors the indoors stays cooler too because solar shading solutions prevent the heat of the sun from radiating through walls and windows.

When your long-time friends got their Eclipse awning a couple years ago, you had some great visits with them. While discussing how the café was doing, you mentioned that the windows near the sidewalk got hot during the afternoon, driving lunch customers away. You all wondered if a sidewalk awning would help. Business increased with the addition of Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings inside and you opened the sidewalk serving area as well. You were happily busy throughout the entire summer season well into fall.

As spring breaks and you begin to get ready for a new season of outdoor dining, you fondly remember that the most enjoyable times at the café last summer were the days you were closed and both of you came in to do paperwork, outdoors with a cool drink, under your Eclipse retractable awning.

Call your local authorized Eclipse Shading Systems dealership and talk to their experienced consultants to find out where and what shading solution is right for your needs. This season, you’ve hired some extra help so that you can spend some relaxing time at home in your backyard under your new Eclipse retractable awning!