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How Many People Own Retractable Awnings and Why

Awnings have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Syrians to shade homes and businesses. They were even used to cover sections of the historic Roman Colosseum to protect the patrons from inclement weather in ancient times. Today, awnings are still used to shade homes and business. As time has passed the popularity of awnings has continued to grow. You can even find retractable awnings being used as signs for businesses and providing shade on RVs. The number of people that own awnings of some kind grows daily, so there are not concrete figures that state how many are being used. So why do so many people own retractable awnings? Well, there are a wide variety of reasons. Some people choose to have an awning because of the aesthetic appeal they add to their homes. Eclipse retractable awnings come in a wide variety of colors that will complement any color scheme well. There are also variety of styles to choose from, so creating the perfect look is no problem. Some people that decide to add an awning to their home do it for health reasons. Solar shades and awnings can block up to 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays which have been linked to cancer. Eclipse retractable awnings carries the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation on their products that utilize Sunbrella products, so owning one is a health conscious choice. Other people that choose to own an awning, such as a patio and pergola shade or a motorized retractable awning, do so because they want to create an outside oasis for themselves and their family and friends. An awning allows you to take the party outside so to speak. You can host parties, barbecues and intimate get togethers in comfort, outside of your home. This allows you to take advantage of nice weather while keeping the inside of your home free of guests and party litter. You can even host your get togethers when the weather isn’t so great because awnings can protect your guests from wind, rain and light snow fall. People also own awnings to help manage or reduce their home energy costs. An awning can significantly reduce the temperature in your home in the summer while also reducing heat gain inside your home from the sun’s glare through your windows and doorways. In the winter, those with a retractable awning can leave their awning inside its house to allow natural sunlight to help heat their home and lower their heating costs. One of the final reasons that people choose to own an awning is the most basic; they want protection from the weather so they can enjoy their deck or patio. Awnings keep your outdoor space cool and comfortable while protecting you from rain so you can enjoy your deck or patio whenever you wish. Basically, owning an awning is a great investment that provides a wide variety of benefits.