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How to Clean Your Outdoor Lights


Outdoor lights can ward off burglars, prevent falls and even add charm to your yard, but not if they’re covered with dirt. The dirtier your lights are, the less illumination they’ll provide, so clean ‘em up! Here’s how to make your lights shine bright:

What You’ll Need:
• screwdriver
• two microfiber or soft cloths
• old toothbrush
• dish soap

How to:

Note: Outdoor lights come in all different shapes and sizes, so if you have an owner’s manual for your light fixtures, check it first for instructions on the best way to clean your particular fixtures.

1. Cut off the power to your lights. If your fixtures are plugged into a wall, unplug them first. If there aren’t plugs, locate your electrical panel to shut off the power supply to your lights.

2. Take the fixture apart. Take apart any pieces that can be disassembled including the light bulb. This will make them easier to clean. To remove the bulb, you’ll likely need a screwdriver for the screws that are holding together any casing. Once it’s loose, remove the bulb and set it aside.

3. Make a dish soap and water cocktail. Mix together a drop of dish soap with warm water, and then dip a microfiber cloth into the solution.

4. Clean the lights. Using the damp cloth, clean the outside and inside of the exterior light. Use an old, soft-bristled toothbrush to reach small crevices.

5. Dust the light bulb. With a dry cloth, carefully dust the light bulb and the socket. It’s important that no water touches the bottom of the bulb or the socket. If it does, dry it completely before proceeding.

6. Reassemble the light. Again, make sure all parts of the outdoor light are completely dry before doing this! Then, repeat these steps for any remaining outdoor lights.